Thursday, February 9, 2012

An Important Audio Message from a Leading Christian Attorney (Just Two Minutes Long!)

Last week, I was joined on the air by my dear friend Joseph Infranco, Senior Vice President of Allied Attorney Coordination and Senior Attorney of the Alliance Defense Fund. (The Alliance Defense Fund is on the front lines of the battle for the very soul of our nation, involved in many of the premier legal cases affecting our rights and freedoms and the welfare of our children.)

I asked Joe to take a moment to share with our listeners the importance of the work we are doing, and I was blown away by what he had to say. Click HERE to listen

If you feel prompted to stand with us, please click HERE to become a monthly Torchbearer or HERE for your one-time donation. And remember that right now, your gifts are being multiplied through the generosity of an anonymous donor. Thank you again for your love and your help!

To hear more words of encouragement, click HERE  for a strong endorsement from family activist leader Laurie Higgins, or to hear what NY Times bestselling author Eric Metaxas had to say, click HERE.  (Eric recently spoke at the National Prayer Breakfast and his latest book is on Dietrich Bonhoeffer.)

The good news is that we are one-fourth of the way toward meeting our current radio obligations (this is a giant jump from one just week ago, thanks to your generosity), so if all of you receiving this could take a moment to pray for our work and to contribute as you feel led, I would be deeply grateful. This is not about me or about "my ministry." This is about a sacred work for the Lord, one that is touching many lives.

A few nights ago, my wife Nancy asked me, "Do people realize how encouraging it is to you when they send in support for the radio broadcast? And do they realize that not a dime of their gifts goes into our pockets?" I assured her that I often express these things, but please allow me to do it once more: THANK YOU FOR YOUR SOLIDARITY AND SUPPORT.

Together we will continue to make a difference!


  1. Brother, we will be sending another offering this next week. I encourage all Christians to help in the work and outreaches of the ministry and calling GOD has given you.(!) ... yes: it's frontline and on the firing line. GOD IS GREATER ! AND YESHUA REIGNS FOREVER in heaven & earth !

  2. Bless you, Len for your solidarity. Yes, the Lord reigns!

  3. May GOD touch more people (who are able) to support your ministry and outreaches. in Jesus' precious Name.