Tuesday, January 31, 2012

"You Should Be Called Out, Fired, Fined and Shamed"

Dear Friends,

There are people who would love to silence my voice.

I say that without hype or exaggeration, as you can see from the email that was sent to me after debating a gay activist on the Line of Fire last week. 

The man who sent the email made it very clear that you and I do not have the right to hold to our biblical values and convictions. And if we dare speak up in public, we should be "called out, fired, fined, and shamed."

I can tell you plainly that, by God's grace, all the threats in the world will not stop me from standing up, speaking up, and serving as a voice of moral, cultural, and spiritual revolution.
In the last twelve months, after years of crying out to the Lord, He has opened an amazing door for our ministry, putting us on national radio, five days a week, two hours a day, broadcasting into some of the key cities in America. And it is becoming more and more common for me to get blasted by a gay activist or counter-missionary rabbi on a YouTube video shortly after the broadcast is over. People are listening to the show!

My radio network is totally behind me. The local station managers in each city are totally behind me. No amount of threats will get me to stop obeying the Lord.

There is only one way that the Line of Fire broadcast can be silenced, and that is by taking it off the airwaves. And this is where I need your help.

An anonymous donor who believes in our ministry has pledged to add 50% to every gift we receive -- which means that every $50 gift becomes $75, every $100 gift becomes $150, every $500 gift becomes $750, and every $1,000 gift becomes $1,500.

If you believe in the work the Lord has called us to do, if the Line of Fire is making a difference in your life, and if you want to help us be a voice for you and millions of others, please prayerfully consider sending a one-time gift (or becoming a monthly Torchbearer).

I do not believe in using gimmicks and promising you some miracle if you will give some magical amount, and I actually prayed before writing this email, "Lord, if you can anoint me to write books, you can anoint me to write this email!" So please take a moment to ask the Lord what He would have you do, and remember that together, we are making a difference. We have an urgent need to meet, but we know that when we all do our part, that need will be met. God is faithful!

Please also read my latest Townhall article. Your hearts will be stirred! 

Thanks for standing with us!

Dr. Michael L. Brown


  1. I praise God for a lot of things...Including you and your show:)))) I will do my part. More than happy to. Stand firm Dr. Brown! God is forever Good!!!!

  2. Bless you, Mark, and thanks! God will enable us to make a massive difference in this generation!

  3. Michael this email-letter (and many other highly militant and vocal opponents to the right of Christians to express their views & biblical convictions) is reason and proof enough that WE MUST NOT BE SILENT on these issues. ... you know you have "hit a nerve" with satan when the opposition gets very vocal and hostile. GOD'S blessing & protection continually be upon you and yours & those who stand with you on these issues: particularly THE FULL MESSIAHSHIP & DEITY OF JESUS, ... and the morality of the "gay" issue. GOD bless and His Peace be with you always.

  4. PS/ will be sending you an offering for your ministry very shortly, brother.

  5. Dr. Brown,

    I would not be put off by this bluster either. The reality is that the humanistic foundations upon which this system of thought is built are crumbling fast. As exhibit A, I would bring forward this news story:


    With the Christian base gone, there is nothing to prevent this gross loss of humanness, which is what homosexuality is. In this case, it is not just the marriage of a man and a man or a woman and a woman, it is the marriage of a woman and a building. You might say that fact is stranger than fiction, but upon the humanist base, who is to say that the marriage between a woman and a building is wrong?

    The only thing that one might give is some arbitrary absolute saying that such a marriage is wrong, but the fact of the matter is, it is just that-arbitrary. An imposed order is no order at all. If we keep on standing strong as Christians, humanism will, just as it has in the past, end up destroying itself through its inner rottenness.

    God Bless,

  6. Yet, if you were to say to a Homosexual "You Should Be Called Out, Fired, Fined and Shamed" they consider it to be hate speech. Hypocrites. So much for tolerance. Apparently the only form of tolerance they accept is to tolerate their sexuality but all else that disagrees falls to the wayside.

    The humanist religion is ever rising...