Wednesday, February 15, 2012

The Hate Mail Gets Even Uglier

All these emails were sent to us after Dr. Frank Turek and I debated gay activist Mitchell Gold on the Line of Fire broadcast. Please pray for God's light to shine on these poor souls!

From Boris:

So you advocate for human rights violations against gays. You want gays to be exeduted, killed and tortured in the name of religion? You don't think gays deserve ANY human rights or protections and in the name of religion you can do anything to gays.

You are pure evil. Pure evil personified. I know that it must hurt you not to be able to kill or detain and torture your fellow American citizens just because they are gay but at least you can condone violence against black and Arab gay persons.

You are sick, vile person without any human decency.

I despise you and the violent hatred you espouse. I hope that one day you, your children and grandchildren will face precisely the fate you advocate for gays to endure.

You are one sick puppy.

Without any respect whatsoever, because I do not respect people who love violence and murder in the name of their religion.

Also from Boris (after we reached out to him):

You are a murderer. You advocate for violence against gays and you support all forms of prosecution and murder. You are a vile despicable excuse for a human being.

From Rosemarie:

You are the one that is blinded by bigotry.  Read how the churches handled slavery, mixed marriages, etc.  I heard your words at the end of the program as if a prayer.  Yes Jesus died for us all, we are all make in God's image, Father. Son. Holy Spirit: Body, Soul, Spirit.  You want to kill someone’s spirit and deny their bodies and souls the human love our Lord puts in our hearts for someone. 

You and others like you will have a lot to answer for at the judgement.  You might make it in the gates and you will  most likely be surprised who is there and who is not there.

From Cindy:

Your arguments are outdated and preposterous.  You . . . reminded me of my grandmother when she would rant on and on about black folk.  She was fearful. 

From Bob:

You seem to feel the need to speak for God,   but really if you search your heart,  truly you will find you are just blowing wind,  selling books ,  and making money.

From Devin:

Homophobia is a disease which does not have to exist. You fear gays & there is no reason for it. Can't you just relax?

From Derek:

Religionists, your time is up.  You may now leave the building.

From Jeana:

We all listened to your Q&A yesterday regarding homosexuality.  I let the office tune in and we all got a good laugh.   A few people are convinced that you're a comedian and this is simply your shtick because your assertions are so preposterous.  Linda said you needed to "fall on your face" a little harder to knock some sense into it.  And she's a 62 year old conservative Christian grandmother.  We were laughing so hard.  I personally think you're just a notch below Pat Robertson on the crazy meter.  "The world's about to end because people are doing gay things."  Haha!  On a serious note, there's medication you could take.  Have a good day Chicken Little.

From Nancy:

Do you really not understand that your vicious homophobia, and that same attitude from so many Christian Evangelists, contributes massively to the hate filled actions of gay-bashers, gay-bulliers, and those who beat up and sometimes kill homosexuals.  Millions of Christians think that  their hateful actions are OK, because people like you say so.

Please try to understand that our Constitution is not based on the Bible. Stop your hate filled campaign against homosexuals...they do no harm to you.


  1. So when you say Homosexuality is a sin, you're being unchristian, and when you take a stand for traditional marriage you're a homophobic bigot that wants to deny basic human rights to all those who oppose you. And when you say God loves you and has a better way you really mean that you want to gas all homosexuals, gypsies and jews. And when you point out the FACT that homosexual males have the highest rate of stds on earth, you're just being a silly man who needs to examine his inner self and maybe get hit in the head with a brick. These are what you call unreasonable responses that stem from one's inability to listen to and consider what the opposing side is really saying. News Flash folks: God hates all sin, wether it be homosexuality, lust, greed, bigotry, or foolishness. So while Dr. Brown may be steping on your toes by disagreeing with your pet sins, he steps on my toes at times and I thank God for it because I realize that without people who take a stand for what God has laid down in his word I wouldn't have a chance oe true happiness and joy in this life or the next, And realistically Dr. Brown isn't coming against the sin of homosexuality anymore than he comes against the sins we heterosexuals like to participate in, so wether you're born gay or not it seems pretty clear to me that God demands that we overcome our sins and allow him to lead us into a better place.

  2. John 16:2 NIV

    They will put you out of the synagogue; in fact, a time is coming when anyone who kills you will think he is offering a service to God.

    (Reason is deadly to their private theologies, it's why they hate public debate. We have short memories. Do they know what 'brownshirts' are?)

  3. These people are bound by very powerful demonic entities. It is propting them to write such hateful things and blinding them to the simple rational truth that their is a God who loves them and wants to forgive them. I am grateful for those who have the courage to reach out to the very ones who are speaking to them such wickedness. We live in a sick world of depraved and suffering people. Sad, sad,, earl

  4. Hm. So if they're gay, they claim 'born this way', but if it's a pedophilia, it's a disease that we (rightfully) are disgusted by.
    I've never believed the 'gay gene' talk and there's no evidence for it other than outdated, incorrect, politicized data given in the 90's. I believe firmly that it's a developed desire, just like any other part of our sexuality. No doubt, it would be very difficult to overcome but not impossible.
    I don't hate gays but I'm tired of the gay agenda being forced upon us.

  5. I never understand when you publish the letters you get; you spend pages in your latest books doing the same. What is the intention? Do you envision your readers really stopping and praying for the writers or is the intention to evoke a concern for you?
    My goodness, I get HORRIBLE and NASTY letters from people who identify as Christians. I can fully understand the reactions of people from whom civil rights are withheld and from folks who, for the majority, are not welcome in churches and do not identify as Christian.
    As believers, we have a standard to which we apparently adhere to. The mail I get is far more disturbing given that profile. I even had a completely obsessed man from CT make TWENTY youtube videos about or attacking me from Oct. 26th to Thanksgiving morning (if that is not some major irony in itself). One, 17 minutes long, attacked and mocked my for my book review of your book. He referred to you MANY times over those 20 videos and tagged your name in most of them. I can only surmised he was indeed one of your followers. NOW that IS disturbing.
    If the intention is to show how awful your detractors are, I could surely go toe to toe with equally nasty letters from CHRISTIANS. And I do not. I deal with it personally, taking it as part of the walk. The youtube gent however deserved his own attention. I reported him each time and youtube eventually stripped him of all four of his channels where he used his "Christianity" to attack.
    Why not just read the mail, personally pray if that is your choice and move on? Why keep and share the record? It seems very "whoa is me". Perhaps a better topic may have been to instruct your own readers how to engage civilly with others in expressing themselves and still honoring Jesus? Look at the comments under your posts to TownHall and the like and ask "do these comments follow Philippians 4:8?" The things that self identified Christians say about and to others are far more distressing to me than what people fighting for equality that do not identify as believers say.
    I wish I could send you a stack of the nastigrams, but I actually do say to myself "wow, there is angry that I do not understand" and let it go. I erase it, I trash it and sometimes engage once or twice while maintaining my Christian center. I don't keep the record, the offense or the hard copy for my next book.

  6. If you think this is bad, here is a FB page chock full of this kind of garbage. The page has been reported over and over and over again and FB just turns their backs on it. Pretty much tells you where they stand.

  7. "realistically Dr. Brown isn't coming against the sin of homosexuality anymore than he comes against the sins we heterosexuals like to participate in, so whether you're born gay or not it seems pretty clear to me that God demands that we overcome our sins and allow him to lead us into a better place." <-- Agree.

  8. There is no fear of God in America any more.

  9. I am always amazed when people who aren't Christians look at whats written in the Bible and say God doesn't mean that. Or they take out one verse and think it covers everything. God did say that He wasn't willing that any should perish.

    But He also said that Homosexuality was an abomination. What has been stated before is true, you can't come to God on your terms, He has given us His word and it is very plain. Anyone who stays in rebellion against Him will not see the Kingdom of Heaven.

    That includes not only homosexuals but liars, theifs, adulters, and most especially anyone who rejects His Son! We are all given free choice and you won't be forced to accept His offer, but one day you will bow before Christ and call Him Lord. Please consider that before it's too late.

  10. Regardless of what the Bible says, nature itself testifies that homosexuality is unnatural. Nature rebels against anything that is against nature. When something attacks nature, nature kills it. The most deadly disease that has ever been has come out of unnatural sex. It is just a matter of time until it mutates and becomes airborne or transmitted by insects. Also, a person only has to look at pictures of what complications result from anal intercourse. The human body was not made for it. Sex between a monogamous man and woman relationship is the only situation where venereal disease does not develop. Homosexuality and lesbianism produce sickness and disease that comes out of sick and diseased minds. The hatred they spew out their mouths sounds like the Palestinian terrorist.

  11. Homosexuality is based on a completely unsubstantiated lie. That lie is that there is something in their genes that makes them homosexual. The truth is that there is not one single itsie bitsi teny weene scrap of evidence to back up their claim. This lie has been repeated so many times that most of the world believes it. When every thing is stripped away, all that is left is that they had very strong feelings since they were very young. Well, so does the pedophile, the rapist, the murderer, and a thousand other disorders. Geneticist are looking for genes that cause these things to. If our genes talk to us and tell us what to do, then we might as well throw away the law because nothing can be wrong because we were born that way.

  12. Homosexuality is based on a completely unsubstantiated lie. That lie is that there is something in their genes that makes them homosexual. The truth is that there is not one single itsie bitsi teny weene scrap of evidence to back up their claim. This lie has been repeated so many times that most of the world believes it. When every thing is stripped away, all that is left is that they had very strong feelings since they were very young. Well, so does the pedophile, the rapist, the murderer, and a thousand other disorders. Geneticist are looking for genes that cause these things to. If our genes talk to us and tell us what to do, then we might as well throw away the law because nothing can be wrong because we were born that way.

    God did not give us a spirit of fear, but of power, love and a sound mind.

  14. To Jena and Nancy.
    Maybe you ought to get a KJV or NKJV Bible and read it. What he is saying is right on. Jesus's coming did not erase the "old testament". It reinforced it and was what Jesus and all the disciples used to teach from. Read about Noah and how the people were laughing, and drinking and making merry, and the end came.
    You sit back and listen to the main line News and think you are getting the truth. You are getting what the powers to be are feeding you. You are lukwarm and Rev.3:14-22....says it all Infact read about all of the endtime churches and then ask if he is crazy.
    I pity you and I do pray for you, that you will know the truth and the truth will set you free.

  15. get over the fact God is Holy!! He made the plan one woman to one man......there was no other model He decreed as good.

    If you want to justify your sin as good and acceptable you're no different to the alcoholic who says he does not have a drinking problem.

    Homosexuality is a sin, no more or less wrong than adultery or sex outside of marriage. You either accept the standards God has set, or you dont.

  16. It's the way of the world now a days, you keep putting it out there until everyone gets a custom to the fact that being gay is a good thing and then everyone goes along with it. Sorry but no matter how you apply it, man is not to make love with another man and the same with women. If God had wanted it that way then why not just have one sex.
    I've listen to Dr. Brown many times and not once have I ever heard him say the the gays should be killed or destroyed as some of these replies indicate.
    He has always said to pray for them and show then the right way in a loving way.
    Should you call two of the same sex a marriage no not at all but should they have human rights yes but to call it marriage no.
    The problem with society today is that everyone wants to take God out of everything, schools, work, tv, radio etc..
    They don't need God and think they can do it on there own, well look around, they've been doing it on there own and if you ask me they could use all the help they could get...
    The Human race is doomed the way it's going right now.

    My God help us all before it's to late.

  17. I disagree with the homosexual agenda but I believe we ought to "judge those inside the church for God judges those outside". Having said that we cannot allow the infiltration of unscriptural unrepentant lifestyles into our assemblies, we must lovingly approach the unpenetant and seek their compliance with God's word and worldview. If they refuse to see or believe in God's eternal plan and purpose, then those that are inside should be freed and turned over to the world system. No I'm not advocating violence, just a live and let live as long as they let us live.

  18. reprobate means: 1) without a conscience any longer regarding sin and the conviction thereof. 2) zero fear of GOD. 3) haters of GOD and those who stand for Moral righteousness. 4) despising those who uphold moral truth. 5) alienated from GOD. and 6) utterly stuck in their own eg0. ... I would not dare to say what percentage of people in America and much of the world falls into these categories: but it is *a definite sign* of impending Judgements and the return of Jesus Christ.

  19. It is simply amazing how those who claim "tolerance" for themselves project their own intolerance, hatred, and violence onto people like Dr. Brown, who do not kowtow to the politically-correct "gay is okay" orthodoxy.

    But then, I suppose we should not be surprised by this. Anal sodomy is a violent act that expresses hatred toward God and man's very created nature. It naturally follows that those who engage in or support it exhibit hatred and violence toward God and toward people who oppose it.

  20. I'm the least bit surprised by the contents of those hate filled and bigoted emails. These are the kinds of typical responses that I've come to expect from the emotionally charged pro-gay rights types. I listened to the entire podcast and nothing that was written in those emails adds up to anything that correctly describes the opinions expressed by Dr. Brown and Dr. Turek. In fact I think that any reasonable and unbiased listener would agree that these men conducted themselves in a very intelligent and restrained manner and were therefore able to get their points across to Mr. Gold without being offensive towards him. I doubt that he left the studio feeling as if he had been mercilessly undermined by these two wonderful men.
    I have been watching and listening to Dr. Micheal Brown for the past year and I must say that he has commanded my respect tremendously by the way he debates with his opponents. I am not a Christian, and I hold no religious views at all, so my opinion of him is not molded by any beliefs as such. I just have genuine desire to see that this issue of gay rights is discussed fairly and truthfully, and Dr. Brown has exemplified this on many occasions.
    As a woman who identifies as a lesbian I must say that I am appalled and even outraged by the present gay rights movement. Had it not been for the likes of Dr. Brown and a few others on the Christian front-line against gay rights extremism, I would probably still be in the dark about the real gay political agenda and the vile tactics that are being used to promote it.
    I'm making no apologies for expressing how I really feel about this because I believe that Dr. Brown and others are a timely blessing in the fight for real justice in America, regarding this issue. For too long concerned and law-abiding citizens have been forced into ignoring the dictates of their own conscience in order to comply with laws of the land that they themselves have played no role in making. I say that this extreme gay rights issue is the modern day MENTAL SLAVERY and people are being forced into it by their own fear of oppression. America's constitution entitles its citizens to the freedom of conscience and expression, yet people are being constrained by new laws that seem to enable gay rights lynch mobs to punish anyone who speaks the truth against them.
    I will sum up my "hate speech" by saying that I support tolerance and justice for all, however I cannot, in good conscience, side with gay rights activists who do not recognise and allow the same rights for others.

  21. Len, I daresay that the reason these things are happening in the world, is that they are happening in the church. We cannot point fingers at the world when we in the church tolerate gossip, power mongering, adultery, hidden sins and the list goes on. The responsibility lies with us. May God have mercy on the church for misrepresenting the Father and going to bed with Baal, just like the Israelites did.

  22. 2 peter 3 says that in the last days scoffers will come to scoff, following after their own lusts.....while I feel sorry for themshould they die in their inquity I also rejoice in the faithfulness of God's word

  23. I sure wish you had chosen to post my comment yesterday.
    The CRAZY follower of yours is at it again! Aggressive commenting by Christians is FAR more egregious than that of people who do not identify as Christians. I encourage you again, teach your readers and supporters how to dialogue productively. Do you READ the horrendous comments on TownHall? My goodness, where is Phil 4:8?
    The amazingly consistent MB devotee made TWO more videos attacking me. Youtube took one down yesterday and he put it right back up this am under a new name. He tags MB each time. Rather than writing article that INCITE folks to disagreement and misconduct, how about articles on gracious disagreement? You think you get nastigrams? Christians should NEVER be sending, posting such things. Even youtube recognizes harassment, but somehow , disguised as "truth", it is validated in some believer's minds.
    I look at the top and see what trickles down. THere is real hatred trickling where only love should be.

  24. Kathy, none of your comments were blocked that I'm aware of, so feel free to try to post again. And I have no idea what YouTube videos you're talking about, but if you're claiming that I'm doing something wrong based on what someone is posting on YouTube, then you must surely realize that the nastiest, ugliest, most judgmental emails I receive are from folks who follow you and Mitchell Gold and other activists. Do I blame you for them? No. I judge you by your own words and actions, be they good or bad.

    The big problem, though, that you seem to be missing is that the LGBT community CONSTANTLY uses the "hate" word -- CONSTANTLY -- even for differences expressed with love and gentleness. Some have plainly told me that if I do not endorse their sexuality, I am a "hater." Yet there is horrific hatred from the LGBT side and, given time, it will prove to be the most intolerant and venomous hatred we have yet to see. Do you not see the hypocrisy and double standard here?

    As for writing articles that do not incite disagreement, surely, Kathy, you can't be writing those words. Your articles attack people by name; your articles stir up ill will towards those who do not endorse homosexuality; your articles mock any disagreement with your newly found pro-homosexuality position. As you know, I have asked you repeatedly to put me in touch with local "gay Christians" whom I have not yet met so I could hear their stories and we could graciously interact -- or they could just tell me their stories and I'll listen -- but to date, you have not done that. And I offered you time and again to talk by phone, but you have declined that too. The door for gracious interaction remains open on my end.

    As for Townhall, no, I don't read the great bulk of the comments, first because of time constraints and second, because some are quite vulgar (from both sides), and as far as I can tell, many of those posting are cultural Christians only, hence the anger and venom in Jesus' name -- which is a stench before the Lord.

    Finally, if you get to know the people I have helped disciple and pour into for years, you will find them to be tender-hearted, full of love towards those who differ with them, praying with tears for the LGBT community -- and they are making a difference, by God's grace, around the world. Yes, judge me by those I have poured into and I will be flattered and humbled.

  25. nope, not blaming you at all. What I am saying is that CHRISTIANS or those identify as Christians should live at a FAR higher standard. It is disappointing that the ugly mail that I get is from Christians, or those that identify as Christians and the WORST of all of them, the one that COMPLETELY obsesses about me and has now made TWENTY TWO videos is a fan of yours. He listens to you and refers to you and tags you in his video nastigrams. Youtube takes him down, strips his channels and he returns pleading persecution. A CHRISTIAN!!!
    Perhaps you would consider and entire series of appropriate engagement and dialogue? As to calling into the show etc, I actually see it as fruitless. You are set in your perceptions, as I am. I find my time is best spent engaging the middle and those who are in positive relationships with gay and trans people.
    I think my articles and post are moderate; I am comfortable with my style and heart before the LORD.
    Perhaps we will sit down next summer, off air, off camera at a table. Not on the phone. I value body language, eyes and direct contact for conversations at this level. I was able to sit with two conservative family lobbyists to the UN for 3 1/2 hours last week in AZ and it was very honoring to both sides of the issue and both parties. We can do that if time allows on both sides. I am confident that we both feel we are following and honoring God with our lives and work.
    The intent of my post here is to ask that you consider educating people in dialogue that is honoring and productive. You have a big audience, a daily voice and people who respect you. I would assume most of those who tune in are Christians. THere is a double standard, no surprise. We are to operate at higher standards.
    I hope you are paying attention to the directional changes happening at Exodus. The "change is possible " message is GOING or GONE. They are also dissociating from NARTH. I will be at their conference next summer if you will be. I believe you have spoken there before.

  26. Kathy,

    Thanks for clarifying things, and yes, those who call on the name of Jesus must demonstrate the fruit of their faith by their words and deeds. And thanks for the encouragement for me to positively impact my listening audience (and/or reading audience). I take that with the utmost seriousness.

    I actually do try to model the right approach in every broadcast I do -- when controversial issues come up of any kind -- and that was one of the goals of my public debates, as in this one: I also send private comments to folks I know who are posting seeking to give them counsel in terms of how to engage, and I have offered to work with bloggers in general to give guidance in this way, since often people don't understand the power or "tone" of their communication. And yes, the love of Jesus must guide us and motivate us!

    As for calling me, I didn't mean on the show but rather to talk privately, but if body language and the like is important, I remain open to meeting face to face as our schedules permit, and as has been the case for years, as you know. God willing, we will do it, and I remain eager to do so.

    Re: Exodus, yes, I've been following developments and comments, but it's really of no concern to me other than that I care about the individuals involved. Kathy, God as my witness, and no hype or exaggeration, but I'm hearing from more and more Christians who are coming out of the closet and telling me about their gay and lesbian past and they are vibrant and glowing and talking to me about the freedom they have in Jesus. That's the wonderful power of God! I would be a liar and a fool to deny this. I also hear from more and more who were trapped in lies and are so glad to be free to be who God made them to be -- and that is not LGBT. You can deny it or say it doesn't exist -- I understand your own perspective well -- but soon enough, there will be so many who are whole and testifying to that wholeness that it will be impossible to deny. As long as Jesus is Lord, change is not just possible, it is a glorious reality. And repentance from sinful actions and desires is a constant calling to all of us, regardless of our sexual attractions.

    RE: NARTH, yes, I spoke there last year and found the folks to be terrific -- some evangelical Christians, some Mormons, some Catholics, some religious Jews and some non-religious Jews, but all deeply committed to helping people with unwanted same-sex attractions or dealing with other areas of sexual brokenness. What was stirring was to hear from 84 year-old Dr. Nicholas Cummings, a life-long liberal, former president of the American Psychological Association, still believing it was right to remove homosexuality from the DSM in 1973 but absolutely rejecting the PC climate of the day that censors the message of change and talking personally about the (literally) thousands and thousands of men and women he counseled during his years in San Francisco with a success rate of real change of something like 30% -- without prayer or the power of God. Was he lying too?

    Now, a closing question for you: I don't think I've seen or read a number of your criticisms of me (YouTube? Your Blog? Elsewhere?), but the few things I've read seemed to be quite inflammatory and setting an example of anything but dialog, leading to very ugly responses towards me from those who got their information from you. So, I ask you honestly before the Lord, are you setting the example you are encouraging me to set? This is not a personal attack but a question from the heart.

  27. Kathy, one last thing. Please send me a link to the person you're talking about in your opening lines, since I really have no idea who you're referring to. Thanks!

  28. Dr.Brown I am the one Kathy is talking about. Here is a link to my last video. I might be taken down by You Tube before you see it. If so I will find a way outside of You Tube.
    I had made a video in your defense and she and her friends had it taken down. (563 views) I never commented on her looks, or voice but she has belittle me instead of actually debating me. She still won't answer my question. Where in the bible does God ordain sodomy? What is the God ordained purpose and how is it a type of Christ and his Church? In God ordain marriage we can but not her perverted concept.

  29. Hi Dr Brown

    Do you have a church in Chicago area? I thought I had heard of that at one point.

    Thank you

  30. Sam, a school, not a church.

  31. Well Mike u have put urself right in the" Line of Fire " on this issue and God will reward u accordingly because we are not of this world and we cant serve God & mans ungodly philosophies...Keep up the excellent work.
    Although we are to always approach things in love there is coming a time possibly not to long from now when we just have to say its wrong simply because God says its wrong without all the political correctness, psychcology, tolerance, understanding & accomodation.
    Paul said let anyone who preaches another gospel be accursed and God didnt mess around with Ananias and Sapphira did He.
    God is very very merciful but He wont be mocked and gay marriage is the ultimate mockery of Gods true gift of marriage reflecting Jesus and the Church.
    Heres an interview u may find interesting with pastor Chuck Smiths son Chuch Smith Jr of Calvary Chapel saying being gay is a gift from god..Sorry I had to use a little g there...
    GOD help us...

  32. Still want Doctor Brown to watch my video concerning Kathy Baldock. I have tried to call him and have email him. I know that he is busy but what do you need to know that I mean business in the proper exegesis of the scriptures? So please look at the video link I have posted.
    I now have over 900 views. BTW I am under a church covering and soon will be sent out.

  33. Dr. Brown,
    I was given a copy of the Tree of Life Bible of which you are listed on the family bible website as being one of the Language experts. My question is Matthew 27:17 it translates Bar-Abbas as Yeshua Bar-Abbas and Yeshua the Messiah implying Bar-Abba and The Messiah of Israel had the same name? Is this actually in the Greek manuscripts and if so why do the earlier translations miss this?

    Thank you Dr. Brown.

  34. Jesse,

    The posts here are supposed to be on the topic of the article, but here's the quick answer. I didn't work on the Gospels but rather the letters. That being said, there's some ms. evidence for this reading, but it may be a later addition, so there is debate on this.

  35. Boris, If you would just read a bible for your self you might see that Dr Brown does not speak out from a heart filled with hatred but from a heart of love to all men and women who are willing to know the truth that sets one free..and to lead all who will to the truth giver whom was nailed to a tree for your sin and mine and that you sir and all who will my have everlasting life..

  36. Thank you for what you do, Dr. Brown... God is our deliverer. He decides what is and what is not just. All praise to His name.


  37. I just read the hate mail. I can’t imagine Dr. Brown advocating for human rights violations against gays. When did that happen? Just so everyone will know Boris the Atheist did not write that letter, Email or whatever it was signed by someone else named Boris. I’d like to chime in though. The current anti-gay rhetoric coming from Christians sounds exactly like the segregationists of the fifties and sixties, who were also mostly Christians. “It’s not the blacks that are the problem, it’s those dang black agitators that get ‘em all stirred up that’s the problem.” The current rhetoric carefully avoids attacking gays en masse but instead focuses on the promoters of the so-called “radical gay agenda.” Just like the segregationists who tried to hide their hatred and fear of black people by focusing on civil rights leaders many Christians try to hide their hatred and fear of gays by criticizing the people who “get ‘em all stirred up.” I’ll never forget hearing and seeing preachers on television claiming that God was against race mixing while waving a Bible around. God seems to have relaxed his views on race mixing over the last few decades. Christians have retreated from their segregationist view, at least publicly. I predict that in the very near future, when gays have the same rights the rest of us do, Christians will claim that they never really had any problem with gay marriage, just like they claim they never had a problem with integration. Yeah and they never insisted the world was flat because God said so either. Sure.

  38. Boris, I never thought that "Boris the atheist" was the author of the hate mail quoted here, but thanks for clarifying that. As for your points made here, I refuted them here: