Thursday, July 5, 2012


This email was sent to me via the AskDrBrown page on Facebook with encouragement to share it with others as long as I didn't mention the writer's name. So here it is! Be encouraged as you see how the truth of the Word of the Lord can really transform someone's life. Praise God! I inserted hyperlinks within the text to direct you the messages he was speaking about.

Dr. Brown,         

I want to say first of all that I rarely ever use a computer except to learn more about God, and I do not have any kind of social media account. This is through my wife’s account. I am writing you this letter to encourage you; and hopefully others to give to your ministry. I want to also share a little about how God has used your work in radio and preaching to draw me closer to Him and open my eyes wider to the true spiritual war we are in. I have given to your ministry before but have not become a torch bearer yet; even though my wife and I have felt led to become one. When I heard your plea to listeners to help keep God’s work going through your ministry on radio, I knew this was a call for action on our part, (the listeners, and all who have been blessed by any part of your work- past or present). I truly believe that you are on the front lines of the battle against persecution of Jesus and Christians, and moral insanity. I will be giving $1,000 to help your ministry stay on the front lines. I will also become a torch bearer. As soon as I said to myself “I will give” God immediately laid this amount on my heart. This is a lot of money for me to be giving but I know God will provide and increase its value.

God saved me out of drug and alcohol addiction in 1998 on Fathers Day. I became a new person. I, like many, still had struggles though. Staying in church and growing in knowledge. My biggest struggle was pornography. It had been a part of my life for a long time. I was exposed to it at an early age, around 10 to 12 years old. I would fall into this sin and get back up, fall and get back up. Even in the months that I would be victorious in this area, I could not overcome condemnation or believe that I would ever really be freed from this chain of bondage around my neck. I was not given over to it but I just could not get total victory, without having another failure take place and I would be in broken fellowship with God *AGAIN*. I began thinking this would just be something God’s grace would have to see me through. * NOT TRUE* , THAT WAS THE DEVIL’S LIE! God does not want sin to rule the lives of His own. As I have learned from your teaching, Jesus came to save us from our sins not in our sins. He can deliver all who are in bondage to sin. One day during a conversation with my wife about this area of sin in someones life, she asked me if I had viewed pornography. I had determined when I married her that I would be honest with her so I confessed to my wife the failures; and after one counseling session with a Christian counselor and friend, she (my wife) was on my team, praying for me with the understanding that this is the spiritual warfare the bible tells us about. Now I am nearly 3 years free from the bondage of that sin. Your ministry has been a BIG part of the victory. I have “Go and Sin No More” as well as some of your other messages on my iPod. Your messages on Holiness vs Legalism, Overcoming Condemnation, How to Stay on Fire for God, and much more. OH! And every one should hear your “Aharith” message. I listen to your preaching over and over again and it strengthens me and my faith. Your practical teaching about holiness is truly what “The Church” needs to hear today. Let me say that I am a member of a great Southern Baptist church that is definitely standing for what is right, however “the true church is not bound by any denomination anyway.” I believe that without people like you and the light that you are shining, true revival will not come here in this nation. I want to plead with everyone to get on board with your ministry. I, like you, believe that revival is possible if we would do all we can to stand with those who are leading the charge. I listen to you on 1030 am Truth Radio in Raleigh.   

By the way you should know it took me 3 hours to type this letter. I hardly ever use the computer.  

With many thanks,



  1. Amazing! Very ecouraging indeed!

  2. Encouraging indeed !! God bless you Dr Michael Brown

  3. God is the answer