Friday, January 13, 2012

Two Articles on Ron Paul

In recent weeks, as a result of some interaction I was having with some believers who are committed supporters of Ron Paul, I decided to look into some of his policies more closely, leading to a couple of articles which were posted on

Please check them out and then get involved in the comments section there-- if you dare! (Of course, you can add comments here if you like.)

The first article was meant to stimulate discussion about why Dr. Paul's supporters are so passionate in their support of him (and, often, it appears, very sensitive to criticism of his platform).

The second article focused on his views concerning Israel.

I'd love to get your feedback! 


  1. Quick question, I've watched a video on Youtube in which you stated that those Jews who wear the Kippah (Hebrew for covering) are non-believing Jews. But I've seen a picture of you on Facebook at the wailing wall with a Kippah? How is this possible? I asked this question on Line of Fire but it is being moderated...still.

    1. I apologize for not seeing #4 of your posting rules....could you blog about the Kippah and I can re-ask the question?

  2. Tim, really quickly: Yes, it's true that traditional Jews wear the kippah by way of obligation, but for almost all Jews, wearing it is a sign of religious respect, and there is no command from the Lord NOT to wear it. So, in a synagogue or at the Wall, of course I would wear it. For more relevant info, read this:

  3. I believe Ron Paul finds such deep passionate support from a wide variety of folks because he speaks of a time pass (pre-1933) when the Federal Government was not so large and involved in the lives of U.S. citizens which brings about an iconic feeling so-to-speak. Conservatives flock to him and even Bill Mahr agrees with his leniency on the topic of marijuana regulation or lack thereof. What it means to truly be free, has seemed to strike heart cords among the masses as they seem to prefer the explanation of freedom and freedom from Government that Ron Paul speaks of.

  4. I'll respond to your article on The TownHall, As both a Zionist and Ron Paul supporter, I too roll my eyes and many of the supporters of Ron Paul that are both racists and/or anti-Israel. Now as for your question about the zeal. I think it is a litle complex. Remember Ron Paul has been largely ignored by the main-stream media, and EVEN by FOX that boasts about being "FAIR AND BALANCED". So naturally, they feel it is their job to publicize him and even defend him. Now, RP supporters are NOT emmulating his style. Ron Paul is very laid back in how he carries himself, and never toots his own horn (which is one of the complaints that many of his followers have). And yes, his followers are more passionate than the others. But you also have to admit that they are more read up than the others as well. Name one other candidate that can get even a 100, much less thousands of people my age to read books on the Economy, Banking system, and History? chances are, you can't. So his followers, unlike the others, are more rallied behind Ron Paul the ideas, than they are of Ron Paul the man (even though we would prefer to have the man in office to the current batch of war-mongering thieves). And I'm just curious as to what is so radical in the proposition that we should ONLY go to war WHEN CONGRESS DECLARES it? Exactly what is so radical in believing that America should not dictate to other countries (especially Israel, like we have for the past 30 years) what to do, in regards to defending themselves, running their own countries, or making their own peace treaties?