Friday, January 6, 2012

"Speak Now or Forever Hold Your Peace" Is Now Online

You can watch my talk at the Family Research Council from Thursday afternoon, January 5th, HERE.

The message, which is of urgent importance, was enthusiastically received by those attending, and I'm convinced that if God's people stand up, speak up, and do what is right, we can see our society changed. The hour is late, but things are not beyond hope.

Feel free to leave your comments here after you watch.

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  1. Wow, Dr. Brown, that lecture was disturbing. Schaeffer was certainly right that when there is no place for God as God, there is equally no place for man as man.

    It is not just the self-inflicted physical pain of homosexuality that is disturbing; it is the way in which one of the fundamental elements of what it means to be created in the image of God, male and female, is turned into whatever it feels like or whatever you want. Hence, people can even degradingly hack off body parts, and dress in suggestive clothing of the other gender.

    However, this is where humanism, logically and mathematically, must ultimately lead. However, not just in areas of sexuality, but in other areas as well. What is sad about your lecture is that the destruction of humanness is being praised, and even imposed by an elite. However, that is what must temporarily happen, or the whole of society will go completely into chaos, with each person being who they think they are. Still, it is arbitrary, and can't last for long.

    I would say that a major solution is in understanding these other systems, not as false philosophies, but as false gospels. The false gospel of secular humanism sought to make man autonomous from God and his word, and yet, it just keeps on destroying man as man. We need to then present Christ and his gospel as the only solution to the destruction of humanness, and the only hope of salvation from ourselves, something, I can see, we very clearly need after hearing your lecture.

    God Bless,