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For those interested, here's the complete Table of Contents for my new e-book, In the Line of Fire: 70 Articles from the Front Lines of the Culture Wars. Each article is linked to its original source of publication online so you can also join in the comments section there if you like. Enjoy!


1) Gay Is Good or Bullying Is Bad? A Teachable Moment
            October 25, 2010
2) The Southern Poverty Law Center Debunks Itself
            November 29, 2010
3) From Chastity to Chaz: Thou Shalt Not Criticize
            May 19, 2011
4) Are We on the Wrong Side of History Again?
June 13, 2011
5) A Right Wing, Fundamentalist Christian Mass Murderer?
            July 25, 2011
6) Leftists Beware: The Christian Revolutionaries Are Coming Your Way
July 28, 2011
7) It’s the Morality, Stupid!
August 08, 2011
8) Please Stop Sexualizing Our Children (Part 1)
            August 14, 2011
9) Please Stop Sexualizing Our Children (Part 2)
August 16, 2011
10) Why Are We Surprised With the Push for “Pedophile Rights”?
            August 26, 2011
11) Bad Reporting, Bias, or Both at the Charlotte Observer
            August 30, 2011
12) CNN, the Seminary Grad, and Errors Galore
            September 1, 2011
13) Must a President Be Smarter Than a Fifth Grader?
            September 01, 2011
14) The Most Important Quality You’re Looking For In a President
September 07, 2011
15) Did Gay Activism Play a Role in the Murder of Lawrence King?
            September 9, 2011
16) Are We As Devoted As the 9/11 Terrorists
            September 14, 2011
17) Why Have Some People Called Me a “Heartless Monster”?
            September 15, 2011
18) The Man Who Married the Goat (And Reflections on the Meaning of Marriage)
            September 19, 2011
19) When a Gay Jewish Liberal Tries to Redefine Christianity
            September 28, 2011
20) Don’t Put Your Trust in a Political Savior
            September 29, 2011
21) The Girl Who Thought She Was a Werewolf Vampire
            October 03, 2011
22) Is It Racist to Criticize Your Own Race?
            October 04, 2011
23) Is Polygamy Worse Than Same-Sex Marriage?
            October 10, 2011
24) An Outrageous Apology from Canada’s “Conservative” Newspaper
            October 13, 2011
25) The Death of a Gay Activist Pioneer
            October 19, 2011
26) A Fat Pride Revolution
            October 24, 2011
27) The Boy Who Joined the Girl Scouts
            October 31, 2011
28) “Mutant” as a Codeword for “Gay” in the X-Men Movies
            November 03, 2011
29) A Gay Activist Butchers the Bible
            November 3, 2011
30) Are Evangelicals Obsessed with Homosexuality?
            November 5, 2011
31) How Do You Feel About A “Christian” America?
            November 08, 2011
32) Dead Flies and the Legacy of Joe Paterno
            November 10, 2011
33) Will Newt’s Moral Failures Hold Him Back?
            November 15, 2011
34) What Could End Rush Limbaugh Career?
            November 17, 2011
35) Rush Limbaugh Exposes the Elephant in the Closet
            November 21, 2011
36) Is God Performing Football Miracles for Tim Tebow?
            November 23, 2011
37) Transanity
            November 28, 2011
38) Sex-Ed Classes and the Rape of Our Children’s Innocence (Part 1)
            December 01, 2011
39) Sex-Ed Classes and the Rape of Our Children’s Innocence (Part 2)
            December 02, 2011
40) Do American Muslims Want To Take Over Our Country?
            December 06, 2011
41) What Christian Orphans in India Can Teach Our American Youth
            December 09, 2011
42) Hillary Clinton’s “Gay Rights” Speech and American Hypocrisy
            December 15, 2011
43) Was “Christ” Ever in “Christmas”?
            December 19, 2011
44) A Great Time to Love Our Enemies
            December 28, 2011
45) Gay Rights Still Trumping Freedom of Speech, Religion
            January 25, 2012
46) “You Should Be Called Out, Fired, Fined and Shamed”
            January 30, 2012
47) Tolerance Is Still Not a Two-Way Street
February 07, 2012
48) Why O’Reilly Was Wrong About Ellen
February 13, 2012
49) The Hate Mail Gets Even Uglier
            February 15, 2012
50) Richard Dawkins and His ‘Oh God’ Moment
            February 17, 2012
51) The Kids Are Not Always Alright
            February 28, 2012
52) Is Kirk Cameron an Accomplice to Murder?
            March 07, 2012
53) Exposing the Hypocrisy of GLAAD
March 19, 2012
54) The Not-So-Massive Non-Believers Rally in DC
            March 26, 2012
55) Can a Muslim Lead the Christian Campus Club?
            April 06, 2012
56) The Day of Silencing
            April 11, 2012
57) Censorship in London and Moral Insanity in Rhode Island
            April 17, 2012
58) Do You Support “Anyone But Obama”?
            April 23, 2012
59) Gay Activists Expose Secret Rightwing Cabal (Or Not)
            April 25, 2012
60) The SPLC Fails the Intelligence Test
            April 30, 2012
61) Dan Savage Savages the Bible, Christianity and the Pope (Part I)
May 02, 2012
62) Dan Savage Savages the Bible, Christianity, and the Pope (Part II)
May 04, 2012
63) Dan Savage Savages the Bible, Christianity, and the Pope (Part III)
            May 08, 2012
64) Does Billy Graham Advocate “Christian Sharia”?
May 10, 2012
65) Equivocating or Evolving, President Obama is Wrong Either Way
May 12, 2012
66) The Embarrassed Elites of North Carolina
May 14, 2012
67) Why Do the Backwoods Bigots Get to Vote?
May 15, 2012
68) Separation of Church and State: Misinformation and Hypocrisy
            May 18, 2012
69) Why Gay Is Not the New Black
            May 22, 2012
70) Malik Zulu Shabbaz, David Duke, and Me
            May 25, 2012

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  1. I really wish all nations that experience God with individual conviction would speak up stronger now as the persecution of the body of Christ begins to feel and come under greater and fiercer fight from the dark-world. These people who're opposing and obstructing our lives to live according to our conviction must understand that it is not like politics where the crowd cheer for a new leader every term completed. The power of the impact of our God in our hearts is far above that of promising notes seen that right here and now the experience is joy unspeakable and full of glory.Didn't you saw the woman at the well drop her water pot and run as King Jesus light the torch in her heart?.That's new testament.Let's go to the Old testament. Jeremiah reported fire in his bones!.I'll just stop there for you to look up in your sealing tonight with your hands beneath your head-back, tonight you really ask what if these people telling us the truth all along?.

  2. The "culture wars" are defined as differing topics on: abortion, gun politics, separation of church and state, privacy, recreational drug use, homosexuality, censorship. I have read possibly all of the above posts, and, from a cursory count, only nine articles may not have a core focus on sexual orientation. That seems a bit out of balance for a overview of the "culture wars".
    Perhaps a more authentic book title might have been: " In the Line of Fire: 61 Articles from the Front Lines of the "Radical Gay Agenda" and a few others about groups/people I disagree with".
    I really did enjoy your recent video on Palestine, however. The information presented was good. As to people not understanding the "facts" and buying into the hype, maybe you could apply that same understanding to the "radical gay agenda" that was created by non-gay people? Repeating hype about Palestine has become "fact", and, as you contend, that does not make it fact at all.

  3. Kathy, thanks for the kind words about my Israel lecture. Common ground for us at last!

    As for the e-book, I believe 20 or more of the articles do not deal with LGBT issues at all, so your count was off, but yes, most focus on radical gay agenda issues, which I think my readers will know. And this, of course, is one of the great issues in today's culture wars. Also, readers can click on the e-book to see the Table of Contents before ordering.

    But thanks for your observations and your positive words about my lecture.